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Bravest in Battle - A Poem
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This poem was written for Gary, a friend of Jotun's Bane Kindred. Another friend of our kindred was in Iraq at the time this poem was
written, so it really hit home for us. Do not read this poem silently. Read it out loud...

Bravest in battle - gambling his blood.
Time tempered arms - his mettle tested.
Raven's friend and - Fenris-Kin feeder.
He never wearies - of waging just war.

Fighting for family - he never forgets,
Those he kills - would kill his kin.
His Chieftain's commands - he commits to deeds,
Neither desiring death - nor dreading it much.

When men first fell - some fled in fear.
Others faltered and froze - as if fettered fast.
But Herjan's man - made right for the melee,
His sword seeking - its rightful sheath.

The old man watches - with one eye wide,
His maidens riding over - reddened battlefields.
His chosen few taken - at a time of his choosing,
Swelling the ranks - as Ragnarok nears.

Great are the gifts - of the warrior's grave.
Sing songs of the - battle brave's sacrifice.
Fell for their family - for you and for me.
Live they in our hearts - and in Valhalla height!


I wrote and learned the poem, and recited it aloud at our Kindred's Midsummer Faining in 2009. I think we need to work on reclaiming this part of our heritage. The oral-storytelling and skaldic tradition...
Mark Ludwig Stinson
Chieftain of Jotun's Bane Kindred