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On the hunt ...
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In search of new literature to expand my home library ...  any suggestions?
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Re: On the hunt ...
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I don't know what you already own or what aspects of Asatru you're into, but I've found that "Runes for Transformation" by Kaedrich Olsen is a must-read for anyone wanting to dive deeper into the more metaphysical elements of our troth. The author does a great job of reconciling the polytheistic beliefs and practices of the ancients with the recognition of scientific advances in modern times. The book basically picks up where Carl Jung left off while still staying true to the Old Ways.

Re: On the hunt ...
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"The One-eyed God: Odin and the (Indo-) Germanic Männerbünde (Journal of Indo-European Studies Monograph No. 36)" is an in-depth and pretty impressive look at the Old-Man as well as tracing the possible roots from the Indo-Europeans.  It is jam-packed with info.  There were some concepts I wasn't familiar with before reading it and some that I still haven't had a chance to check into, but I can't remember anything jumping out at me as being unreasonable or outright falsified.   

Re: On the hunt ...
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Have you browsed through our library here?
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