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Gods, Ancestors, and Vaettir / Norse Family Tree
« Last post by aengus on June 25, 2015, 10:38:53 PM »

This is an interesting layout of the Norse Gods, but I think it is skewed slightly.
Ah Colin Dale. I absolutely love his work. I'm actually saving up money to take a trip over to Denmark just to get some ink done by him. Awesome article too.
I find this very fascinating. I think it is an amazing way to honor your family.
Welcome & Miscellaneous / Re: RE-Introduction
« Last post by Vince on May 29, 2015, 06:14:28 PM »
Thanks :)
Welcome & Miscellaneous / Re: RE-Introduction
« Last post by whitebread on May 28, 2015, 10:36:33 PM »
Heilsa Vince and welcome to the board.
Growing Heathen Communities / Southwest Frith Moot
« Last post by Vince on May 28, 2015, 02:22:42 PM »
The 2015 Southwest Frith Moot will be held at the Sharp Creek Campgrounds, just outside of Payson AZ, from July 17th - 19th.  We are hoping to once again make this a great heathen community building event for the general southwest and surrounding regions.

This is a free event which is open to anyone that wishes to attend.  Frith will be maintained at all times.  This Moot is geared towards participants meeting more Asatru & Heathen folks in the Southwest and learning more about Heathenry in general.

There will be many individual heathens and independent kindreds in attendance, as well as members from a couple of the National Organizations.

SFM is not financially sponsored by any national organization.  This event is being hosted by the Wanderer Kindred of Arizona and Mountain Haven Kindred of New Mexico, for the purpose of building a better regional heathen community.

We will have several seminars, demonstrations and discussions, a fund raising auction, a community feast, children’s games, and adult activities scheduled.  Please visit our newly designed and updated website for the most up to date details.

we can also be found at the Facebook group page at:
Welcome & Miscellaneous / RE-Introduction
« Last post by Vince on May 28, 2015, 02:20:55 PM »
Its been a long time so I thought I would try to get back into coming here instead of Facebook I suppose I should re-introduce myself.

Hi, Im Vince. Ive been Asatru for over 20 years. I live in Mesa AZ with my wife and two kids. Im much more of a lurker then a poster but I do like to add my two cents if I think it has some kind of worth :)

Odin for me too. Iwould have thought it would be Freyr and Freya and I do still honor them but in all my workings Odin had a way of just showing up and felt like He was waiting for me to follow and just recently I decided to do just that. He encompasses so much that I want to learn; both Runes and Seidr and doesn't mind me being ergi (gay). Then there is His constant wandering and search for wisdom and ability to get what He needs done through His cunning. I have much to learn from Him and am looking forward to seeing where He leads me.
I am most drawn to Forseti. I am at heart a peacemaker and I try to see issues from as many sides as possible. I find the ideals of Forseti's justice to be very appealing; I want to live in a world where every conflict can be resolved, where everyone can find peace and reconciliation.
Growing Heathen Communities / Re: Ravens Over the Rockies - June 5-7, 2015
« Last post by Emack76 on May 23, 2015, 09:27:31 AM »
A week from today, we'll be setting out for this event.  While it doesn't take a week to get there, we're going to take a week to get there!  :)  This will allow us to get around Colorado to take in all that natural beauty.  We're looking forward to meeting up with some old friends, and making new ones.

See y'all there!
Ida Plainsmen
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