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The Rules and Tone of Our Message Board
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Welcome to our new message board!

The purpose of this message board is to provide a place where Heathens can hold civil discussions, ask questions, share ideas, boast a bit about their own Heathen families or kindreds, and generally have a place to come and talk on-line without getting hit over the head by internet trolls or "Fundamentalist Heathens" who feel their way is the ONLY way.  Toward that end, here are some pointers to being a good guest on our message board so that you assist the message board in serving its purpose.

1.  If you are asserting some sort of "truth" or "fact," please support your assertion with some evidence, or a source, or some sort of foundation for what you are putting forward.  If you are stating an opinion or a personal belief, then simply state this clearly, and also explain what led you to that opinion or personal belief.  This first rule is sort of at heart things whenever something goes wrong on a Heathen message board. 

2.  If someone "challenges" you by asking you more about something you post on the board, don't get angry and turn things ugly.  It is important to understand that Heathens tend to ask each other to support the things they say, and that this is not a disrespectful act on their part.  They are giving you an opportunity to support what you have posted and perhaps delve a little more deeply into the topic.

3.  If you choose to "challenge" someone or you disagree with someone, that is fine of course.  But, be mindful of your tone and of what you type on your keyboard.  People are much more polite and civil when they are face-to-face, and much less so when typing on a keyboard. Keep this in mind, and remain respectful and do not demean other guests on the message board.

4.  Don't try to impress the other guests on the message board with outlandish claims or exaggerated stories.  It never works.  People see right through it every time.  You are much more likely to impress people here by boasting about the pubmoot you held where six other Heathens showed up, rather than telling us you are "9th level Runemaster who was given a secret name by Odin and that every weekend you go out in the woods and run about with an actual pack of wolves."

5.  The internet gives some people a feeling of invincibility and courage.  But, it is unacceptable to be insulting, mocking, cruel, or to attempt to personally attack or destroy someone online.  First, most people doing this have no idea what they are talking about, and seem to want to tear other people down in order to build themselves up.  Most reasonable Heathens see right through this and shake their head in disgust at it.  Secondly, that fake on-line bravery makes you look more like a high school mean-girl than someone with any real bravery or maturity.  Anyone can be a tough-guy or a bully on-line.  It will not earn you any respect here.


We want a message board that represents Heathenry and Asatru well.  No name-calling, no mockery, and no insults. If you disagree with someone, do so by describing your own opinion without attempting to absolutely personally destroy the other person. This is a place to learn, not to destroy. It is a place to discuss, not debate. It is a place to help, not to mock. It is a place to share, not a place to compete for who is the coolest keyboard cowboy.

While some of you would like to discuss the same divisive topics every single day, the vast majority of us do not. So, please focus your discussions on constructive topics such as our beliefs and practices, our community-building efforts, questions about our Lore and our faith, tips and ideas regarding our families and kindreds, and posts showing off our crafts and creations. If you want to discuss Loki, sexual orientation, racial politics, or other disruptive topics...please do it somewhere else.

As befits hospitable hosts, we have clearly expressed the guidelines and expectations of this group. As good guests, we ask that you respect the tone and tenor of this group, and assist us in keeping the content of this group productive, rather than disruptive. We welcome everyone to participate, but please respect our intentions and goals. New Heathens come here very single day. What do we wish for them to take away from here? Thank you. :-)

As other rules or tips come to mind, we'll post them in this discussion string.  If you see a clear violation of these rules, feel free to "flag" the offending comment and we will check it out.  We try to keep a fairly close eye on the message board as it is, but we will review anything that is flagged to see if we need to step in or contact someone about the rules and tone of our message board.

Mark Ludwig Stinson
Chieftain of Jotun's Bane Kindred