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Lightning Across the Plains 2014 was attended by 280 people...about 70 of which were children.  Some of these heathens come as individuals, some with their families, and many with their kindreds.  It is a family oriented event with activities planned for all ages.

Volkshof Kindred, Winterhof Kindred, Hridgar Folk, Jarnsmidur, White Wood Kindred, Bifrost Way, Mjolnir Kindred, Raven's Wolf Kindred, Odinsvin Kindred, Gista Anundr, Mjodvitnir, Heidinnvolk, Heimdall's Lur, Friedenhof, Tyr's Helm Tribe,  Valhall's Call Kindred, Fincastali Hearth, Wolves of Vinland, Golden Shield Kindred, and Jotun's Bane Kindred were some of the kindreds, hearths, and families represented there.


There were heathens there from across the Heartland. Minnesota to Texas. Utah to Indiana.  There were heathens there from the West Coast and East Coast as well.  All good heathens are welcome! 


Lightning Across the Plains 2015 will undoubtedly be attended by these tribes, hearths, and famlies...and there will be additional tribes represented. There is nothing like gathering face-to-face. Meeting and talking in person. Shaking and man or woman's hand. Meeting their family, watching your kids play, feasting together, and sharing a horn with them. It is in these face-to-face gatherings that heathenry prospers and grows.


If you are a long-time heathen, a new heathen, or someone curious about heathenry...you are welcome at Lightning Across the Plains. If you are part of a strong heathen tribe, or a small hearth, or you are a solitary heathen wanting more...you are welcome at Lightning Across the Plains. If you have been to dozens of gatherings, or never been to even one...you are welcome at Lighting Across the Plains. While this is a heathen gathering focused on the those living here in the Heartland, all heathens are welcome.


Come and gather with your Folk. Honor our gods, our ancestors, and the Vaettir of the land with other tribes and other heathens of our region. We'll see you there on September 24th, 2015 for our 7th Annual Lightning Across the Plains!

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