Lightning Across the Plains 2015 is cancelled. Everyone that has registered on-line has already been sent a full refund on PayPal. Every single registration dollar has been returned to those that sent it.

After six years of hosting this large regional event, we have chosen to not hold the event this year. LATP 2014 was attended by 280 heathens, and we had every indication that LATP 2015 would have been at least as successful as last year, if not more so. But, the potential success of an event is not always the measure of whether it makes sense to go forward with it.

We've always been very clear about our purpose for holding LATP. We've spent six years bringing together hundreds of heathen individuals, families, and kindreds from across our region for face-to-face Heathenry, so that they could build bonds of cooperation and friendship.

We believe that effort was successful. There are more gatherings in our region than ever before. There is more kindred-to-kindred interaction, friendship, and cooperation than ever before. Kindred Alliances were formed there. Couples were married there. Kindreds took their kindred oaths there. LATP will have a lasting legacy.

But, nothing is more important than our own families, our kindred, and those fellow Heathens that we know and trust well, and whom we find to be honorable men and women. That is where our obligations truly belong.

As we entered the final planning for LATP 2015, our kindred came to the unanimous conclusion that our time and effort would be better spent on our families, our kindred, and our true friends...rather than hosting an open event attended by strangers and some people that clearly don't have our best interests at heart.

When as a kindred, we came to the realization that there are people who come to LATP that we would not otherwise interact with or allow around our families, it became clear that holding the event was not in our best interest. There are also those who come to the event, enjoy the fruits of our labor, interact with us face to face, eat our food, drink our mead, enjoy all the benefits of our hospitality and then, after leaving, assassinate our characters both collectively and individually.

The decision to cancel LATP this year reflects our unwillingness to throw an amazing regional gathering that is enjoyed by some that are false-friends, back-stabbers, and otherwise dishonorable. This certainly does not hold true for the majority of people who attended LATP. Those who act dishonorably know who they are, and those that have acted as our true friends know who they are.

We'd like to thank all of our friends and the many honorable people and families that have attended Lightning Across the Plains over the years. It is only because of you good people that this decision was a difficult one to make. But we have other ways to see you and other ways to enjoy your company moving forward. The memories we share and our friendships will carry forward.

--Jotun's Bane Kindred


Six Years of Lightning Across the Plains

Lightning Across the Plains is meant to bring together Heathen individuals, families, and kindreds from across the center of the United States, so that our Gods and Ancestors can be honored and the bonds of friendship can be built. This video is meant to give an idea of what LATP is like, and what you can expect from the event. It features an interview with Mark Ludwig Stinson about the purpose of LATP, and then audio exerpts from the Opening Ritual of LATP 2012. This year's LATP is Sept. 24-27, 2015 at a retreat just outside of Kansas City. Visit for more details.

Posted by Temple of Our Heathen Gods on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

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