Three Books by William (Bil) R. Linzie

Drinking at the Well of Mimir - This 253-page book represents Bill Linzie's views of Ásatrú and the his view of the world after 30 years of "Drinking at the Well of Mimir." He does not claim this to be the best research/scholarship or a revolutionary work. He is simply sharing his views.

Germanic Spirituality
- This 59-page document is Bill Linzie's attempt to protect Germanic Heathenry and Germanic Cosmology from being watered down by the baggage and cultural beliefs of those that are new to the religion. It attempts to purify Germanic Cosmology and preserve it.

Uncovering the Effects of Cultural Background on the Reconstruction of Ancient Worldviews
- This 70-page document looks at the difficulties in reconstructing an ancient worldview, specifically within the Germanic Reconstructionist Movement, when most reconstructionists have been born and raised within and urban environment...and with a herd mentality and world-rejecting spiritual outlook.

Investigating the Afterlife Concepts of the Norse Heathen - This 77-page document is subtitled "A Reconstructionist's Approach." In the book Bill Linzie's attempts to describe the afterlife concepts of modern North Heathens and compare them with historical views of the afterlife among our ancestors.


Click here for an mp3 file of Bil Linzie playing the "Mason's Apron" at a 1999 Althing. This song was played in the evening around the central Bil Linzie played some traditional songs.

I found this song on the
Irminsul Ættir website and thought folks might find it interesting. Irminsul Ættir is an Ásatrú church organization, a voluntary association of Ásatrúar to practice the religion, network, share resources, create educational material and programs, fostering cooperation within Ásatrú.

I cleaned up the sound quality a bit, and amplified it so you can hear his playing a little better. (If you can't play mp3's and want a WAV file, then here it is.)

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