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Our Oath Ring was made by our Kindred Thyle Craig Winkler. It is an unbroken iron band, and sized to be worn by the Kindred's Chieftain. The Chieftain wears the Oath Ring on his left arm at all Kindred events and anytime he is somewhere representing the Kindred.

There is a Thurisaz rune etched into the iron of the Oath Ring to represent our Kindred's loyalty and affinity for Asa-Thor. Every oathed member of Jotun's Bane Kindred has taken an oath to the Kindred and to each other on this unbroken band of iron.

Oaths at Yule and other important oaths are made on our Kindred's Oath Ring, and it represents our unbreakable word to each other and to those deeds we have committed to completing.

Below, you'll find more photographs of our kindred's Oath Ring.



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