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We're extremely proud of the brass hammer that founding kindred member Craig Winkler created for our Kindred. So proud, that we named our Kindred for it.

It is a solid brass hammer, with a ring, and black leather wrapped around its handle. There is a Thurisaz rune carved into the metal of one of the striking surfaces of the hammer.

In one way or another, all of the members of our Kindred have some affinity for Thor.  We appreciate the way Thor protects us...and the determination with which he faces his enemies.  Thor and his hammer are often the only things standing between our communities and destructive forces in the world

Our hammer, "Jotun's Bane," is present at all Kindred events, is held aloft during fainings, and is never far out of reach.

Each Kindred member wears a smaller version of "Jotun's Bane" on a chain or rope around our neck, honoring Asa-Thor and reminding us of our bond as a Kindred.

Below, you'll find more photographs of Jotun's Bane.  You'll also find some digital artwork created by Martin Heitshu that feature our hammer.




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