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When our kindred first began meeting back in 2007, there were basically five of us involved.  We could hold a meeting or a kindred activity at any one of our houses or apartments, due to our small size.  Over time, as our spouses and children became more involved and our numbers grew, it quickly became impossible to comfortably meet in some of our kindred members' homes.   In addition, the kindred enjoys hosting and showing hospitality to Heathens that travel to Kansas City to visit us.

The need for space for kindred activities and hosting visiting Heathens was solved when Mark and Jennifer Stinson remodeled and transformed a large room of their home into our kindred's hall.  We named this hall Mögrhöll, which in Old Norse means simply enough "kindred-hall."  Since it was built, Mögrhöll has allowed our kindred to gather together frequently and in comfort for a wide range of activities.  We have held fainings and symbels in our hall, as well as held planning meetings, workshops, and craft-nights.  We've feasted, hosted visiting Heathens, and even played some bingo and poker in our hall.


Mögrhöll is in a space 13' x 25'.  There is a long table down its center that can seat 18 people if need be.  There is a couch and benches along the sides allowing seating for an additional 9 people.  At the end of the hall is a working fireplace, flanked on either side by built-in bookshelves.  From Mögrhöll there is a stairway leading up into the main living area of the Stinson's home and three doors.  One door leads out onto the large backyard patio, and gives quick access to the altar and firepit of the Ve we have established at our home.  One door leads down into the basement which features a pool table and many many crafting supplies.  And the final door leads out into the garage, where we store much of the kindred's equipment and supplies.

Mögrhöll is the center of our kindred's activities, and as such it is the keeping place for all of the gifts our kindred has received over the years and a place to keep our sacred objects.  It is here that our kindred banner hangs.  The kindred's library of books is here, as well as statues, paintings, and symbols of our Gods and Goddesses.  There are remembrances and objects belonging to our Ancestors.  There are carved runestones, shields, a viking helmet, spears, golden apples, rune sets of various sizes and materials, framed incorporation and ordination paperwork, representations of our kindred's bindrune, tafl boards, horns of all colors and sizes, racks of mead, and so on.  Mögrhöll represents everything that we are, where we have been, and where we are going.  

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