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The very best way to get to know our kindred better would be to meet us in-person.  But, in 2015 and 2016 we have drastically reduced our public outreach.  We may host public events in the future, but at this time we are not.  But, that doesn't mean you can't get ahold of us or have an on-going conversation with us. 


Of course, you don't need to attend an event to ask a question or get some additional information about Heathenry.  So, there are a number of ways to communicate with us on-line.  Our Message Board is a good way to communicate with us, ask general questions, and participate in discussions about Heathenry.

You can email us if you want to talk to us directly or have something of a private nature you wish to discuss. 


We moderate and communicate via the following Facebook groups and pages: 

Currently all of our kindred members have Facebook profiles, but a fair number of our members prefer to keep their friends lists fairly small and restricted to those Heathens they have actually met face-to-face.  But, if you wish to communicate with me via Facebook, send me a friend request on my Mark Ludwig Stinson profile.  


Sometimes you just want to talk to someone by phone.  Perhaps the information you want or the question you want to ask is of a personal or private nature.  Perhaps it is a controversial topic and you'd just rather talk to a real person about it.  If you wish to contact us by phone, email me at mark@heathengods.com or send me a message on my Mark Ludwig Stinson Facebook profile, and include your phone number in your email or message.  I will then call you back.

Please be understanding of the fact that we are not a business.  We do not get paid.  We do not have a staff.  And begining in 2015, we took a more private approach to our kindred and our lives.  So, sometimes it might take us a few days or a week to get back with you.  This is because our families, our jobs, and our lives have to come first.  But, we will get back with you as quickly as we can.

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