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The young Rabbit burst through the wall of brambles into a hollow spot in a large patch of thorn bushes near a pond.   He was huffing and puffing and his heart was racing at an incredible speed.  It was there he met an old Hedgehog, a tiny Mole, a ringed Snake, and a three-legged Rat.  The Rat lifted his one front paw and asked, "What's your hurry, friend?"

In between gasps for air, the Rabbit answered, "I'm being tracked by a Wolf that wants to eat me.  The Wolf cut me off from my burrow, and while I'm very fast, he's still after me and I'm getting too tired to run."

The three-legged Rat immediately offered his help along with the help of his three friends, the Hedgehog, the Mole, and the Snake.  The old Hedgehog, who was apparently deaf, said in a loud voice, "What's that you said?  You'll have to speak up you know!" 

The Rabbit was in complete disbelief as to the Rat's offer and answered, "What could an deaf old Hedgehog, a blind little Mole, a legless Snake, and an crippled Rat do to protect me from a hungry Wolf?"

The Rat smiled a toothy grin, and began squeaking out a plan to his three friends.  Following the Rat's instructions, the blind little Mole warned them when when the wolf was close, because he could feel the earth shake.  The deaf old Hedgehog was hidden on the trail and tripped the Wolf as he made his way into the bramble patch.  And finally, as the Wolf lay sprawled on the ground, the ringed Snake bit the Wolf on his nose as hard as he could.  The Wolf leapt into the air, fell into the brambles, struggled through the thorns, and ran off into the woods yelping loudly.

On that day the young Rabbit learned what all wise men know.  That despite a man's hardships or flaws, whether he be lame, handless, blind, or deaf, he can still have skills, a purpose, and great worth to his family and community.

- Based on Stanza 71 of the Hávamál -

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