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A hungry Wolf was hunting at night, when he found a spot by a stream where a herd of sheep had been crossing and drinking during the light of day.  The ground there was muddy, and worn, and rough with the hoof-prints of many sheep.  The hungry Wolf began to drool at the thought of the big fat sheep he could catch and eat in the morning. 

The Wolf crept into the high grass by the muddy path, and curled up to hide and wait for the sun to rise and the sheep to come for their morning drink. 

The sun began to rise in the east, but the Wolf was tired from hunting all night and soon he had fallen sound asleep in the grass.

The herd of sheep came down the muddy path that morning, drank quietly from the stream, and moved on to greener fields.  And still the Wolf slept.

Thus the hungry Wolf learned that the idle, the lazy, and the sleeping don't get what they want and rarely succeed.

- Based on Stanza 58 of the Hávamál -

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