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All the animals of the forest and fields thought the old Owl to be most wise.  The Owl with his eyes and ears was believed to see all and hear all, and though the Owl said very little, all the other beasts spoke of how clever and deep-minded the old Owl was.  The old Owl was quite proud of what others thought of him, and did much to promote this belief in his wisdom.

A young Fox in dire need of advice, stayed up after dark and sought out the old Owl in the forest.  Spotting the large bright eyes of the Owl among the trees, the young Fox approached in awe and asked the owl many questions.  The old Owl's answers were all nonsense, meaningless riddles, and random questions having nothing to do with what the young Fox needed to know.

Thus the young Fox learned that those that are foolish think they are wise, but are shown to be fools when questioned by others...

- Based on Stanza 26 of the Hávamál -

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